This is my 2nd 3DCG work.

my graduate works in wao creative college.

I decided to make Rugby short movie by 3DCG animation

since I entered wao creative college.


Watch this!!

Absolutely You'll want to play Rugby soon!!


Screen is not good quality...


but, Enjoy!!




Ready Steady Go!


My 1st 3DCG works.

The boy picking up his girl friend to go to drive

now ☆

the IKASHITA drive start!!

Ready go!!


Screen is not good quality ..

but, have a fun〜!!



This is Rugby


I made this video in college class.

I could choose any theme for make video's.


I really like Rugby you know.

so, I made this video which introduce Rugby football.


Watch this!

Probably You'll want to Play Rugby soon!! 



Rugby 2006


I edited my try scene of Rugby game on 2006.

I'll show this video for future my children.

just my satisfaction.

with ''You could be mine''









a long time ago 
in the galaxy far far away...

In 2004
5 students created this film for the group work.
teacher just said
''the theme is SNOW WHITE''
and she said
''you guys can make any way you want ''

so, we chose the way makes film



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