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Most important stuff in my life.


I played Rugby football 7 years durling high school and college.


Rugby is really SUGE- OMOSHIROI sports.

but, sad thing is not so popular in Japan.

I still want to play if there are many club teams.


You might be think Rugby is dangerous.

That is true!!

actually, I broken my born few times.

leg once , hands twice ... and more


but, Rugby makes you exited more than painful.

I hope every guys play rugby more.

Rugby MAJI - SAIKO-!!



More pictures here.


Yosakoi Dance


Yosakoi is kind of Japanese traditional dance.


I  join Yosakoi dance performance team which called ''Tenka 天華''.

Not ''TENGA!''

I've never used it.

me also want to try it!!


take care to remember!




every summer we performance our dance in Yosakoi Dance fes.

I've been joined this 3years.

I'll performance 2010 also.


Check it out!!


More pictures here!!


Sports Gym


since I quit Rugby,which mean is after graduated college,

I started to go to sports gym.

because I dont move all day during work.

I don't want to get fat!!

and I really like play sports!

That time, my college friend who works part time at sports gym 

invited me come to gym.

now I go to gym once or twice a week.

I always do Body Combat!

that is kind of training like a kick boxing!! 




More pictures here!


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