Born to be Guitar Hero!!


I've started to play guitar since few month before.

couse, my friend started to play Drums and

then, he wanted to make a band.


We are jamming at the studio Museum at Shinjuku onece a week.

and finaly I bought my guitar!

same dasign with Slash!! who is my most favolite guitar hello you know!?


I'm playing guitar every midnight around 3o'clock!


Hell yeah!! 




July 22th



I did model again!!


Thanks for see my photo in Shibuya station.



Cold season finish!



I started new life.

I left my house and started live alone in apartment.


i'm enjoy to cooking.

I'm trin to cooking everyday.



Aprl 24th  



















Taro!! -タロ-



He is our family dog.

He is my really lovely brother.

He has been already 11 years old.

recently he became ジジぃ.


lovely ジジぃ☆ 


Jan 1st 2010 - UP!


Finally I made my home page.

I show my arts, animations,,my works!


Check this home page!




Hey Visitor!

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